Web Application Penetration Testing

Protect your web applications from various cyber threats with our expert penetration testing. Cyber Suraksa brings WAPT services to secure your digital frontiers effectively.


Web application penetration testing is a simulated cyber attack on a web application that aims to identify and analyse security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers. Proactive detection of vulnerabilities is important because web applications are a crucial part of business operations. They are also the prime target of cybercriminals. Through the WAPT process, potential security gaps are identified. These gaps can otherwise lead to the compromisation of sensitive data and financial information.

Cyber Suraksa is a platform that aims to deliver successful WAPT services. With the planning, executing and other steps, our goal is always to hit the target right at the place and improve the cybersecurity system. 

Why does your business need WAPT services?

Finance, reputation and sensitive data are the pillars of any business. Web applications are a critical component of modern business operations, and they are also an attractive target for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities for their own gain. A single breach in a web application can result in significant financial loss, damage to reputation, and even legal consequences. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the security and resilience of web applications by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Why Choose Cyber Suraksa for WAPT?

The following reasons make Cyber Suraksa an ideal choice for WAPT:

  • To evaluate your existing web applications to identify vulnerabilities.

  • For the expertise, experience and specialized knowledge in web applications that Cyber Suraksa brings.

  • To meet your business’s compliance requirements effectively.

  • To receive all the WAPT services at a reasonable cost.

  • To exceed the limitations of simple testing in the market.


Cost Effective

Reduction in risks
Protection against cyber threats
Customized solutions
Effective compliance


Cyber Suraksa plans the testing scope while staying in touch with your organisation’s team to ensure 100% flow. The process includes identifying the specific web applications to be covered and determining the most effective technique to be implemented.

Cyber Suraksa focuses on bringing the latest technology and drawing all the experience to find the most powerful security flaws in the websites and applications.

We use the most significant techniques to find each and every vulnerability possible in the web applications. With years of skills and experience, a successful execution of identification takes place.

Pen testers at Cyber Suraksa use different strategies to evaluate the vulnerabilities within your websites and applications. This helps us determine the extent of loopholes present within your system. A quick categorization after determining the vulnerabilities is done.

After the completion of every process, a detailed report is created. It consists of everything from relevant information to key findings and remediation guides.


Any Questions?

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How long does a WAPT assessment take?

The assessment time depends on the size and complexity of your web application.

What is included in the assessment process?

In the assessment process, there is: 

  • Identification of vulnerabilities.
  • Exploiting those vulnerabilities.
  • Providing you a detailed report based on our findings.

How often should I conduct a WAPT assessment?

It is recommended to conduct a WAPT assessment at least twice a year.

What is the meaning of the WAPT report?

A WAPT report is a detailed document that gives information about vulnerabilities and weaknesses found in a web application.

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