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Cyber Suraksa’s services are a combination of 6 important pillars that matters the most in the cybersecurity industry. We have a proper understanding of the latest threats and vulnerabilities which leads us to use the most advanced tools and techniques for conducting VAPT assessments.

Our company is designed to address all the important aspects of cybersecurity, including VAPT services. Our highest aim is to deliver results proficiently and powerfully. With the expertise of our VAPT solutions, we improve the overall cybersecurity posture adequately.

Why your business need VAPT

Why your business need VAPT

If you’re a business owner looking to secure your computer systems and networks, consider using our VAPT services for the best protection. By utilizing VAPT, you can identify and address potential vulnerabilities that cyber attackers could exploit and protect your business from financial loss, data breaches and reputational damage.

Additionally, VAPT can improve your business’s cyber resilience by focusing on critical vulnerabilities and ensuring that resources are used effectively and efficiently. In case of a breach, immediate action is essential and VAPT can help you with that. By investing in VAPT, you can provide assurance to stakeholders such as customers, partners, investors and employees that your business is secure and protected.

Why choose Cyber Suraksa for VAPT

Choose Cyber Suraksa for VAPT for the benefits as stated:

  • For the expertise, experience and specialized knowledge in VAPT. We are well-equipped to handle security threats and mitigate risks.

  • To meet your business’s compliance requirements effectively and efficiently.

  • To receive all the VAPT services at a reasonable cost.

  • To exceed the limitations of simple testing in the market as Cyber Suraksa offers advanced testing.


Cost Effective

Compliance with Regulations
Minimizing Downtime
Handling Risks


With our VAPT services, planning and documenting the scope of testing is done. This includes determining which endpoints and applications will be covered during the VAPT. It’s all about making sure we have a solid strategy in place so that we can provide the best possible service for you.

Next comes the integration step of Recon and Intel. We start using some of our top-of-the-line offensive techniques to find any weak spots, vulnerabilities, or potential threats that might be hidden within your IT infrastructure.

Another phase after integration is identifying the weak spots. Our VAPT services apply the most aggressive hacking techniques and expertise to hunt down different weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network systems.

After finding the potential threats and vulnerabilities, real world attack techniques are kicked off to see if there are any other possible loopholes hidden around the corner. Our aim is to make sure to use non-disruptive methods to protect your systems. After this, grouping is done at the end.

 After the testing, Cyber Suraksa gathers all the crucial information obtained during the test. It also gathers significant findings and produces a detailed report. Soon after this, a guide addressing the vulnerabilities based on their priority.  


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How often should organisations conduct VAPT?

Organisations should conduct VAPT on a regular basis, such as annually or after significant changes to their systems, to ensure the security of their systems and stay ahead of potential threats.

Who should perform VAPT and what are the qualifications of the testers?

VAPT should be performed by qualified and experienced security professionals, such as Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), who have the knowledge and skills in conducting security assessments and identifying potential security vulnerabilities.

What are the ethical considerations in VAPT?

The ethical considerations in VAPT include obtaining proper authorization and consent, avoiding harm to systems and data, adhering to laws and regulations, and maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of information obtained during the assessment.

How do organisations prepare for a VAPT?

Organizations prepare for a VAPT by clearly defining the scope and objectives of the assessment, identifying and securing sensitive data, communicating with stakeholders, and developing and testing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

What are the types of VAPT?

Some of the most common types of VAPT includes Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Gray Box Testing, Internal Testing and External Testing.

Is VAPT mandatory for ISO 27001?

Yes, VAPT is highly mandatory for ISO 27001 certification.

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