Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Maximize your security and stay one step ahead of cyber threats with our mobile application penetration testing services.


As the dependence on mobile devices grows, the need for 24/7 security has become more necessary. With organizations embracing digital transformation, additional devices are connected to the network, creating vulnerabilities to cyber threats.

Improve the security of your mobile applications and devices by taking necessary measures to safeguard sensitive personal and financial information. Being a powerful cybersecurity company, our only aim is to provide you a complete digital transformation with our MAPT services in terms of security solutions.

Why does your business need MAPT services?

Why does your business need MAPT services?

Digital businesses today are facing an ever-increasing risk of cyber threats and cyber crimes. In such circumstances, our MAPT services are crucial for ensuring the security of mobile applications. Our services include conducting penetration tests on real-world mobile applications to detect security gaps and weaknesses in the implementation of best practices. This helps to enhance the overall protection and safety system of the business and safeguard data from theft and release. Additionally, our services strengthen the security of the application by implementing strong authentication, authorization and encryption measures.


Why Choose Cyber Suraksa for MAPT?

Cyber Suraksa has been involved with the cybersecurity industry for a long time. Choose us so that you can stay protected through:

  • Our expertise, experience and specialized knowledge in mobile applications. We are well-equipped to handle security threats and mitigate risks.

  • Our effective and efficient business compliance fulfilment.

  • The MAPT services we offer at a reasonable cost.

  • The effective examination services by our experts.

Why Choose Cyber Suraksa for MAPT?


Cost Effective

Reduction in risks
Reduction in risks
Protection against cyber threats
Customized solutions
Customized solutions
Effective compliance

Threats to Mobile Security

  • Inadequate controls on the server side.
  • Inadequate protection of the transport layer.
  • Malfunctioning encryption techniques.
  • Vulnerable data storage.
  • Inadequate authorization and authentication measures.
  • Injection attacks targeting the client side.


To ensure comprehensive knowledge of the mobile application and its features, Cyber Suraksa takes the initial step that involves testing all the functionalities of the application. This can be achieved by referring to the user manual or simply navigating through the application and testing it with the assistance of a developer.

Following the initial step, a thorough assessment is conducted to identify the severity level of all threats. This evaluation encompasses details regarding malicious entities, potential attack scenarios, and the objectives of cyber assailants.

After the threat profile is established, Cyber Suraksa executes a testing strategy that incorporates crucial risks such as OWASP Mobile Top-10 Vulnerabilities, Variable Manipulation, Hardcoded Secrets within the application package, Insecure Cryptographic usage, Circumventing Input Validation, Data Leakage through alternative channels.

Once the test plan is prepared, a combination of manual and automated tasks is undertaken with regard to the plan. If additional testing is necessary, the testing engineer ensures that it is included in the plan. After the completion of the testing phase, a comprehensive report is generated.

The final stage entails the creation of a detailed report that outlines the entire process. This document provides an in-depth analysis of each vulnerability and threat, including their severity levels, as well as potential solutions and actions to be taken.


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How often should I conduct a MAPT assessment?

It should completely depend on the changes in the application and its environment or as per the business’s policies.

What is included in the assessment process?

The assessment process of MAPT includes identifying potential vulnerabilities, conducting tests, and generating a comprehensive report with recommendations for remediation.

What are the types of penetration testing?

The three main types of penetration testing includes black box assessment, white box assessment and gray box assessment.

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